woensdag 26 mei 2010

The Air Hockey Table

The hockey table air is a traditional polling those of us who were teenagers in the seventies to the nostalgic memory fluorescent difficult Kleppe Office and cheers winter nights windy. In a pub in Smalltown, USA, we would not eradicate the dredging and greeting each other town and preppie-like systems. Then we walk to the jukebox to try to speculate about the line-up, loneliness pinball high score and check it held, then we go to air hockey table to get our night catharsis.

The hockey table air has been one of the first innovations in my own town, what about you? Was innovation that your house when you were a child, or who discovered the game fun to hockey tables air later when you left home or went on vacation, or even post your own children? Was your first table, air hockey, an experience that few light suspended every time I am here as a player, but particularly eventful with the paddle and sent the puck flying at the controls of a similar type question Floating rang ?

air hockey table was a primary blue surface, and not the noise of the sheet of air over hydraulic harder to kill you leaning? Did you ever jam shit your game at hand between the ring and the air hockey table goal box or your fingers reprimanded by a hard plastic disc incoming ... and continue to play anyway? When it was time to switch on the side table, air hockey, have you found the game favored one side: Do you swear is one side of the table was better (you really biased in favor of your opponent on the other side)? If you and your opponent / friends I am bored with the game, you go half and slice secret spastic playing an extreme version of air hockey games?

A webmaster has created (or deleted) the slogan that the air hockey "is not a game, it is the fastest sport in the world of the table." A hockey fan air, among the thousands, speaks about the upgrade performed on the air hockey table, over the years, including discussion of a new "photon" table Dynamo forward to nationals. .. and other writing fellows forum denounce discrimination against titles like "best hockey player in the air" and determine who is regardless of gender, race, et al. Al-best player air hockey, I world.

Wow, air hockey table is a loooong road of my life, when he was often busy, but certainly not for all concerned more championships than the best player in the bar on the night most of the ten or twelve children raised hip-pinball and slam hockey pucks sliding air slam the weather cleared enough for the game of local hockey to start.

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