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Which Air Hockey Table is the best for your family

The only thing that surprises me most in air hockey is how quickly became popular and mainstream America. Air hockey was invented by a trio of engineers Brunswick (Phil Crossman, Bob Kendrick, and Brad Baldwin) between 1969 and 1971, and was an instant success. The United States Air Table Hockey Association (USAA) was founded in 1975 to ensure standards are uniform, and the first world championships were held in a few years later in 1978. I was too young to understand how the new, but I remember in the mid-1970s, he was my brother wanted for Christmas, and Santa delivered.

Today, there are many companies that make air hockey tables, and some tables can be very costly business. But there are also many tables that are ideal for home use. One of the companies known to be of good quality home tables Carrom. There are three tables Carrom air hockey available for purchase. Let's take a look at these three tables.

The first group of tables Carrom air hockey, Carrom 7 'Signature Air Powered Hockey table. Carrom boasts that this table is all. The table has an electronic scoring system that celebrates goals with light and sound, and comes with two washers and two two styles of hand controller for beginners and advanced players. There is a 2 "drop to the playground for a sense kind of arena. Some other features of this table are:

UL-efficient electric motor of 100 cubic meters of air per minute output. Sides hardwood and compressed. Furniture quality cabinet coordination of color graphics play area. playing surface is greater than 1 "thick with cold press manufacturing to maintain a flat surface. multicolored graphics protected by high-pressure laminate for superior wear resistance. legs are heavy vinyl tabs Black with double triple chrome plated leg levelers for easy and precise leveling. Aluminum side rails generate fast rebound play and superior shot control. Catcher ABS puck designed for a rapid return to the washer to eliminate hang-ups. holder Cup weighs 205 pounds.

The second group of air hockey tables available Carrom is similar to the first. The recommended price is a bit more, but I also saw on some websites for a little less than the first table. It is 7 'Signature Air Powered Hockey Prof. He is sometimes described by Carrom "game table perfect for the professional hockey player." She also had a 2 "drop and a playground comes with two different styles of pucks and hand controllers.

All basic features of the first table are the same. The main difference is in the eyes of these two tables Carrom air hockey. This table has a wood finish (the first table has more than a black marble finish), and the legs are different. The return legs of the table have a more important, the shape of a wedge and lined with black vinyl. This picture is a little heavier, weighing 230 lbs.

In the latest tables Carrom Air Hockey Carrom Company NASCAR ® with. So if you're a fan of NASCAR, then this is the table for you! Most basic functions are the same as the first table, but the table contains exclusive NASCAR implemented by Sam Bass, renowned artist of motorsports. His work makes a cool air hockey table! The full picture is black (incl. playground) with NASCAR graphics bright. It weighs only 205 pounds, but not on the cupholders. The price point of the table NASCAR comes in about $ 150 - $ 200 more than the other two tables.

So if you are looking for a game table for your family, see Tables Carrom air hockey, you're bound to good food that your family will enjoy. And remember, they all come with 1 year warranty!

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